Hydrocarbon Chemistry
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Hydrocarbon Chemistry

Hydrocarbons, the principal components of oil and natural gas have to be chemically altered to make useful products and materials. This is carried out by chemical and petrochemical industries in processes such as isomerization,
alkylation homologation, etc. These processes are frequently catalyzed by acids and involve electron defi cient intermediates called carbocations.

The Loker Institute has pioneered new methods to study such processes and their mechanisms. Research is also aimed at more effi cient utilization of fossil fuel resources including recycling of carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) to useful materials. Studies are also directed towards developing new synthetic methodologies for bond making and bond breaking processes. Polymeric
materials derived from simple hydrocarbon precursors are the basis for new materials with exceptional electrical, optical, and magnetic properties.

These materials find applications in information technology, photochemical energy
conversion and biomedical devices.

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